2017 study trends tend to publish a wide selection of tendencies began to show

Date: 2017-03-08

Hangzhou, March 28 (Xinhua), the Ministry of Education data show that the total number of students studying abroad in China in 1816 was 544,500, of which 498,200 were studying at their own expense, accounting for 91.49% of the total number of students studying abroad. Recently, the new education group released the "2016 study data inventory" (with 2017 study the New Deal and the trend analysis) shows that the trend of 2017 years of age is still obvious, professional diversification tend to appear.

The "2016 study data inventory" survey data, from the new education in 2016 customer data, the main group for a clear study of the purpose of "prospective students" groups, covering 34 major cities nationwide. The report begins with three levels: study motive, study choice, study preparation, and combine with the characteristics and policy changes of different countries to study abroad, and make a comprehensive and image analysis of the "reserve" group.

The report shows that at present, Chinese students have become the world's largest international births, the past 10 years, the average growth rate of Chinese students remained at 16.11% over the same period, the global growth rate of international students remained at around 5%. In 2015, the total number of overseas students in China was 1.26 million, accounting for 25% of the total number of international students.

With the continuous expansion of the study group, students choose the "diversification" is an inevitable trend. Xinyu Education Group President Ma Yawei said that diversity is mainly reflected in three dimensions, namely, regional diversification, professional choice of diversification and education level diversification.

In the regional selection, in addition to the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, four countries abroad, the Eurasian countries are increasingly concerned about. "As the information of foreign institutions is becoming more and more transparent, we are more rational about learning, and the Eurasian plate is concerned, on the one hand, it is based on the cost of studying abroad. On the other hand, Of course, about 60% of Chinese students who go to France will choose a management specialty with 'French characteristics', and about 45% of Chinese students studying in Germany will choose science and engineering.

At the same time, professional choice tends to be diversified. Over the past few years, come to participate in the new international education exhibition overseas institutions on behalf of the biggest feeling is: Chinese students in the choice of study more and more rational, in the choice of professional will consider the future career development trend. More and more Chinese students in the professional consultation, began to focus on similar to nutrition, golf management such "unpopular" subjects.

In the study of the age of choice, the trend of younger school increasingly obvious. During the period of 2012-2016, the number of people studying in the new high school education and the following phases increased by nearly 10 times. FT research network of a report also shows that the higher the family assets of the crowd, send children to go abroad to study the greater the possibility of family assets over 10 million groups, only 3% do not consider sending children to study abroad, we can see overseas high education Quality and rich educational resources are increasingly recognized by Chinese parents.

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