Domestic college entrance examination elite class

Date: 2017-07-19

High school learning plays a vital role in the future development of students. The school is equipped with years of rich experience in college entrance examination teachers, to help students find efficient learning methods, carry forward the advantages of domestic education, fully tap the potential of students, students fully mobilize the motivation. We are not than the school results, than the Georgia Rui special education "processing" ability, so that students fly dream, promising, do the best of their own.

School high school opened a high class, for all outstanding junior graduates, students with the test results and successfully passed the school entrance examination and interview can be registered enrollment. The school provides the most professional teachers, the most complete equipment, the most intimate service for the high school students lay a solid foundation for learning to help students develop learning planning, improve learning efficiency, optimize learning methods, lay a solid foundation. Fully mobilize the motivation of students to learn, so that students do the best of their own. Both the mentor and the assistant, will pay close attention to the student's study and life. Give full play to the advantages of small class teaching, pay attention to each student's academic performance changes, do not ignore any one person. Help students to develop goals, find a scientific learning method, let the scientific management time. In this crucial three years, Ge Ruite school will work with every student to work together to the ideal side.


Admission object: 9 - 12 grade age students

Enrollment range: based in Shenzhen, facing the country

Enrollment conditions: enrollment of school enrollment conditions, to participate in our school enrollment test (written examination, interview)

Test content: language, english, math

Course setting: the core curriculum of the domestic college entrance examination

Students out of the way: to participate in the national unified higher education entrance examination, admitted to their ideal university

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